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Quilting Tips
  • Please make sure you have squared your quilt top!!!!!
  • Please make sure you have squared your quilting backing!!!!
We have to pin the top and bottom of your quilt to the rollers.  If it isn't square or trimmed, it will not go on the rollers straight.
Straight and Square
  • Please make sure to PRESS you quilt top and backing!!!!!
If you have not pressed your quilt top and backing we can do it for you.
Cost of pressing top and backing $20.00
  • Pieced Backings:
Remember to remove all the selvages as they are not woven in the same way as the rest of the fabric.
Please trim your seam allowances to a  1/4 of and inch, or this will cause puckering in the seam line.
If your seams are going horizontal, PLEASE, pin your seams all the way across your quilt!
Fold your quilt in half  lengthwise, matching your seam lines across your quilt backing, please pin.

This will help to ensure your lines are straight across
the quilt backing.

  • Batting and Backing MUST BE   " 4"  LARGER ON ALL SIDES   than the quilt top!!!!!!!!!
quilt  top
  • Please mark the top of your quilt by pinning a piece of paper to the top of the quilt so we will know where to start.
  • Please do not pin or baste!!!!!!!!!
  • If you have prewashed your quilt, please make sure you have washed your quilt backing.
    Please if there any questions that I have not answered, or if there any questions that you may think of please DO NOT HESITATE to contact me at anytime.
    I LOVE to talk quilting!!!!!!
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